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National and International Patents

There are different options for protection your invention with a patent. Patents are territorial. A national patent is enforceable only in your country and you will need to apply for foreign patents, should you require protection in other countries. Read more

About us

Patent & Trademark Organisation is a privately owned company. Our main activity is to remind and assist companies in the renewal process of their trademarks.

A trademark is usually valid for ten years. In many cases a single company can have several trademarks registered via different agencies with different expiry dates. During the period of ten years most of the companies change their address or other data, this can cause loss of the trademark since authorities or the agent do not have the correct address of the registered owner of the trademark. In some countries the proper authority will send out a renewal notice and in some countries they will not.

Due to this fact Patent & Trademark Organisation has developed a reminder system. We constantly update our databases and try to keep a track of any changes and news in the trademark industry.

When a trademark is about to expire we send out a reminder and offer our services in the renewal process. Trademark owners can renew their trademarks by themselves or contact another representative to assist them in this process. Patent & Trademark Organisation is not a government agency or official organisation. We understand that a trademark is a very valuable asset for a company, therefore we will do our best to remind trademark owners before the expire date has past.

We remind companies mainly in the European market. If a company chooses us to renew their trademark we will do our best to provide the best possible service for our client. Our renewal department is available for our clients and are standing by for questions or information regarding trademarks.

If you require additional information regarding the renewal or registration process, you can find more information on this website or contact us by telephone.

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